Enlighten. Engage. Empower!

Enlighten. Engage. Empower! is our organizational credo.


While it's unrealistic to expect a young person to be held accountable for the unknown, a hunger for knowledge is the first step to becoming a responsible young woman. Enlightening our young women by broadening their horizons and exposing them to new mindsets is vital to their development.


We engage our young women in the issues that affect their lives. We enable each young woman to become a responsible participant in her own decision-making. To engage is to inspire participation. Showing young women how they can make positive differences in the world is worth our attention and time.


We encourage our young women to empower themselves by promoting self-actualization and self-influence. This means we strive for each young woman to fully realize her potential. Once she sees this, we empower her to hold onto it for dear life... and to turn it into reality. Empowering yourself with knowledge is empowering yourself to follow your dreams!

Advisory Board Members

  • Natalie Byrdsong
  • Krystal Cooper
  • JaSheika James
  • Tasha Jones
  • Nodesia Hernandez
  • Katherine Hills
  • Chariesse Turner
  • Tania Williams

Emeritus Board Members

  • Cheryl Dixon-Hills
  • Eva Williams

Ambassador Board Members

  • Amber Green, Image Initiative Alum
  • SaQuota Reaves, Image Initiative Alum
  • Kenneisha Reaves, Image Initiative Alum
  • Chelsea Willis, Image Initiative Alum

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