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Dr. Griselda

Board Member

Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon hails from New York City with strong roots in The Dominican Republic. Both of her parents migrated from the Caribbean in the late 70’s. It is because of her parents, her mother, that Griselda is dedicating her life to creating the happiness that she knows belongs to all of us as human beings.

Griselda and her sister are the first to ever graduate from college in their family. At SUNY Binghamton Griselda attained a Bachelors of Science in Human Development and Latin American and Caribbean Areas Studies. Part of Griselda’s experiences as an undergraduate were enhanced via membership in a Youth Program, which reached out to younger children sharing similar histories and upbringings (households led by single-parents on public assistance who are bi-lingual, etc.).

Dr. Rodriguez-Solomon is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Sociology within City University of New York (CUNY). She is also the former Interim Director of the International Studies Program at The City College of New York. She earned a PhD and Master’s degree in Sociology from Syracuse University. Dr. Rodriguez-Solomon has cultivated her commitment to the youth, by conducting workshops and keynotes related to youth-empowerment and leadership development. Currently, she serves as the Secretary for the Board of Directors of the Image Initiative, Inc. In addition to her professional career, Dr. Rodriguez-Solomon is also a birth doula (or labor coach), and has assisted in the birth of seven children. She believes that she did not get to where she is on her own and must therefore turn around and continue to help those that come behind her. Her son, Talib, is her source of motivation.