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REGISTER for the Sisters Empowering Sisters Annual Conference: May 5, 2023 :point_right: [SIGN UP NOW](
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Dr. LaRhonda Ealey

Interim Secretary

A native of Natchez, Mississippi, Dr. LaRhonda Ealey holds a PhD in Economics from Syracuse University and has taught as an Assistant Professor of Economics at Onondaga Community College.

Before working at OCC, LaRhonda served as the Associate Director of Jubilee Homes of Syracuse Inc. a housing and community development organization in Syracuse. At Jubilee Homes, she was responsible for the development and implementation of activities and programs that advanced the mission of the organization, assisted with the supervision of agency fiscal operations, and was responsible for the organization’s grant preparation and fund raising activities.  While at Jubilee Homes, Dr. Ealey also spearheaded the development of the community’s sustainable and organic food initiative. In 2006, she was honored by World Hunger Year as a result of her efforts.

She has extensive experience in community and economic development, but finds teaching most rewarding because it challenges her to convey what is considered challenging and often intimidating subject matter in a way that is interesting and relative to students who are not initially engaged. Furthermore, throughout her teaching experiences, she has continued to receive excellent evaluations and acknowledgments from students and colleagues.

Dr. Ealey also has extensive experience working with youth. She serves as a mentor to young African American and Latino women in Syracuse through her roles as the Director of Youth Ministries at The Promise Land Church and as one of the founding and current Board members of The Image Initiative, Inc. a Syracuse non-profit organization dedicated to the empowerment of young women of color.