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REGISTER for the Sisters Empowering Sisters Annual Conference: May 5, 2023 :point_right: [SIGN UP NOW](
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Tanesha Cameron-Cole

Board Member

Tanesha Cameron-Cole is a native of Brooklyn, New York raised in a family with a strong faith, valuing education and service to the community. At a young age Tanesha recognized that success comes from the support of others coupled with commitment and a strong work ethic. She excelled in academic endeavors with a goal of college completion and post-secondary success. Throughout her time in high school, she realized the gaps that exist for urban youth in Brooklyn and sought to use her skills for the benefit of others. Tanesha spent afternoons after school and Saturdays tutoring local elementary and middle schoolers and serving as a mentor.

Upon graduation from high school in Brooklyn, Tanesha went on to attend Syracuse University. At Syracuse University, she majored in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy. Continuing in her efforts to focus time and energy on urban youth, Tanesha served as a tutor in multiple schools within the Syracuse City School District focusing on math and reading initiatives. After graduation she worked on a series of grant funded projects through the Psychology Department at SU focusing on behavior leading to alcohol and drug use of undergraduates and coping skills for HIV positive patients. During her time with a project funded by the National Institute of Health, she reignited her love of working with adolescents while engaging them one-on-one and through group facilitation. In this role, Tanesha made memorable connections with Syracuse youth that sculpted her career goals. She honed her unique ability to engage and support diverse populations as they face societal and systematic barriers. Tanesha went on to earn a Master of Business Administration degree from Syracuse University with a focus on strategic management and program development.

Tanesha continued her career supporting underrepresented populations in her time as Director of the Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program and Site Director with Say Yes to Education. Tanesha currently is a Supervisor at Huntington Family Centers, Inc. working in partnership with Syracuse City School District and the Department of Social Services to provide supportive services to students and families. Tanesha has been involved with The Image Initiative, Inc. since 2007. Initially serving as a conference volunteer, she recognized the need for programming for young women in Syracuse and saw the dedication and commitment of the organization and never looked back. Tanesha is the mother of three sons who keep her busy and amaze her every day. Tanesha is an Image Initiative, Inc. Board Member currently serving as a Program Director for the C.H.O.I.C.E.S Program excited to continue building relationships with young women as they strive to achieve life goals.